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“Surround Yourself Only With People Who Will Lift You Higher!”
- Oprah Winfrey often have you heard this line…

“Do this one thing and get ready to have your eCommerce business EXPLODE!”

Sounds fluffy right? Yet another too good to be true offer that implies a shiny object or strategy will get you the success you deserve. Is that reality?


True eCommerce business takes a TON of work! You have to understand everything from product development to accounting and everything in need someone in your corner who has been where you are and understands the challenges you are facing.

If you are an Amazon or eCommerce entrepreneur and you want real expert advice and mentorship to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales, plus have someone who understands the obstacles you face and keep you on track to your goals…

I’m the expert you need in your corner!

Mentors and advisors can cost THOUSANDS of dollars of which most entrepreneurs cannot budget for, and let’s face it...finding a woman like yourself who actually hears your concerns and has the friggen hard!

If you have been feeling like most groups you have tried are filled with leaders who don't take the time to understand where your struggles lie, and all they talk about is one shiny strategy after the other, with no regard to you or where you are at in your business...

You are not alone!


When I started out in eCommerce, I dove in headfirst with no idea of what I was doing or what to expect!

I didn’t have anyone in my corner explaining the challenges that lie ahead and even now, only 32% of the sellers on Amazon are women, so I found it very hard...actually, it was practically impossible to find someone who related to my journey as a woman while trying to make a name for myself in the ‘boys club’.

I had to learn everything about eCommerce from scratch and when juggling life, kids, marriage, and business…things often became overwhelming.

I had to take the hard don’t have to!!

I LOVE helping women take their success to new heights and that is why I am providing a dedicated mentoring community where you will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to boost sales, lower returns, engage your target audience, and discover the Hidden Rules to all aspects of running an eCommerce business through:

  • Expert Advice to scale your eCommerce business to 6+ figures based on where you are today
  • Exclusive Access to the Hidden Rules of eCommerce - Everything the ‘big guys’ don’t want you to know!
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring to keep you on track and grow your business beyond your dreams
  • Access to Entrepreneurial Experts who have the answers you seek!

BUT more importantly, you have someone who will hear YOU and what your needs are right now, at this moment!

NO fluff! NO one box fits all! NO shiny objects!

You can finally feel safe enough to be vulnerable and get the answers you seek from women who understand!

Who needs a ‘boardroom’ when Girls Clubs Rule!


“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much!"
- Helen Keller

There’s too much noise in our space, so I’m blocking it out with the best mastermind, expert advice, and the mentoring you need to succeed!

Ashley Amstrong, The Hidden Rules Expert

How often do you find yourself getting advice that doesn’t apply to YOUR personal situation, doesn’t help your business grow, and leaves you feeling like you are alone in the eCommerce world?

During our open, honest, and engaging discussions I, Ashley Armstrong, will provide mentorship and answers to your individual questions while sharing hidden strategies and tips every month for success in eCommerce, business, personal growth and more, that you can implement today!

You need expert advice to grow your business, network like a pro, and increase your revenue.

I have been where you are!

I have struggled, I have fought for my dreams, and I have fallen flat on my face. I know what it is like to have a panic attack in a stressful situation or to feel as though I am facing my fears on my own.

BUT...I also know what it takes to get back up and find success!

I understand the courage it takes to take fear by the hand and use it to your advantage and I have made it my goal to show women everywhere the Hidden Rules of eCommerce so they too can overcome anything as I LIVE to help women succeed!

There are so many Hidden Rules and obstacles along the way to success. You need a cheerleader in your corner to expose them, lift you up when you fall, and guide you through your journey so that you can create growth, earn higher revenues, achieve higher customer retention, and reach your financial goals!

I’m here to pull back the curtain of what it really takes to be in business as a woman!

Plus you’ll hear from my guest experts as they share the hidden rules for not only eCommerce but business as a whole. The mindset to help your career, growing teams, solidifying branding and messaging, accounting, women empowerment, diversity inclusion, SOP creation, project mapping, working with remote teams and so, so, much more!


“Building a brand means knowing your story and building and sharing that story” - Tamara McCleary - Founder & CEO, Thulium Inc.

My Mission

No One Succeeds on Their Own!

We often feel that to be successful we need to be strong and do it all on our own… and that couldn’t be more wrong!

I have been there! I tried to do it all on my own while running a family household and I discovered quickly that I needed support! I had questions no one seemed to have the answers to and when I did find answers...they were expensive to obtain and they didn’t apply to my unique situation. It felt like I was a lone woman in a ‘boy’s club’ that didn’t understand my frustrations, of work-life balance, nor did they provide a safe space for guidance where I felt I could open up and be vulnerable.

Having a mastermind to hold you accountable can increase your chances of success by 95%

I know your frustrations! So my mission is to build the best mastermind for eCommerce store owners that helps them grow their business by having access to expert advice without it costing tens of thousands of dollars, all while building purposeful relationships in a safe, nurturing environment!

I invite you to leverage what I learned from over a decade working 1-on-1 with multimillion-dollar companies and thousands of students, studying their failures and successes.

This exclusive private mentoring group is application-based, only those who qualify will be able to experience the incredible resources I will be bringing to the table, not found in any other eCommerce mastermind. By applying to join The Hidden Rules Network’s exclusive mastermind for women eCommerce sellers, you are willing to work on breaking through your barriers not only in business but in life as well!


“The most successful entrepreneurs I know are optimistic. It’s part of the job description.” - Caterina Fake - Founder, Flickr

Ashley was recently on Viral Launch’s Podcast with Cameron Yoder. It was like she was speaking directly to me and my business....and I was keen to learn more, so I joined her offer. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge in the e-commerce space. And the best part is she is passionate about graciously sharing her insight!

Leslie Wiesman

Mastermind = VALUE

With every business comes new challenges and expenses. I want to ensure you understand the full value behind my community, because I am not here to sell you on a shiny new object...I am here to be in your corner every step of the way and provide you with actionable skills that are the pillars behind true success!

For those of you who love the is a quick breakdown of the monthly monetary value behind our experts within The Hidden Rules Network.

As you can see, the cost to purchase our expert advice individually is astronomical! By joining today, you will receive all of the above and more for the introductory price of only $49.97*/month.

Saving you over $28,520!!!

Plus, having access to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs...PRICELESS!


Working with Ashley has been a GAME changer for us. We started off with the "Triple your sales" Challenge. Her strategy was so simple, I almost didn't do it. But when it actually tripled our sales. Keep in mind, this was strategy + time only. No extra inventory or money involved. I tested out the Virtual Builder and the same results happened again. I reached out to work with her.

I've been using Amazon for a while, and consider myself Amazon savvy. Ashley showed me how we had all the right items in our strategy but not enough depth to reach the sales I truly wanted. We needed to have a structured Amazon strategy for ad campaigns to dominate my niche for starters and connecting your Amazon distribution channel with your external websites and social profiles.

She understands how to create a true brand, not just sell more products on Amazon. We talk about all aspects of business, from leveraging the audience we already had in place to packaging, branding and how to create true sellable assets.

I've been more than pleased with our time together. Ashley's work ethic, dedication, insight is amazing plus she stays on top of Amazon's every changing platform which allows me to focus on my strategy at hand.

If you have the opportunity to work with Ashley.....stop reading this and do it.


6 Reasons To Join This Exclusive Mastermind

Insider access

Exclusive access to successful entrepreneurs who have the expertise to grow your brand and solidify your presence in the marketplace!

balancing life, work, and family

Discover how women just like you are balancing life, work, and family while investing in themselves and creating their success!

Find the answers to your questions

Find the answers to your questions every month from women who have been there, done that, and who understand that being a woman in business comes with new and exciting challenges!

guest experts covering the topics

Exclusive access to guest experts covering the topics that will give you an edge in business and life!

Live Zoom meetings

You now have a soundboard with weekly Live Zoom meetings on a variety of entrepreneurial topics geared towards helping you get heard so you can achieve your goals!

Ashley Armstrong’s strategic brain

You get access to Ashley Armstrong’s strategic brain, who normally charges clients $75,000

Most importantly, you’ll be part of a tribe and a mastermind of elite industry leaders who will provide you a soundboard for your business!


“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” - Ginni Rometty - CEO, IBM

In order to join you must fill out the application. Once approved you will be directed to the payment option.

A charge of $99.00 will occur every 30 days. There is only a 3 month minimum commitment at this time. A support ticket for a membership cancellation must be submitted 7 days PRIOR to your next billing date. If you submit a cancellation request AFTER the 7 days notice, you will be billed for the following month, no exceptions. There are no refunds. By joining The Hidden Rules Network you adhere to these guidelines and understand the terms and conditions.

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Patsy Burdette
Patsy Burdette
Ashley Armstrong

The Woman Behind the Group

Hi! I am Ashley Armstrong, a renowned International 4x best-selling author and eCommerce Advisor, who is the go-to female eCommerce expert for Media and National TV. I have frequently been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Medium, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Emmy-Award winning program The List TV, CBS, NBC, ABS, and FOX NEWS. And I was also nominated as one of the Best Amazon Consultants by SellerPoll 2020.

I've consulted for award-winning companies like Sustain Natural and Viome The Gut Heal Test Kit and helped thousands of sellers properly position their product lines in order to increase sales, build a loyal customer base, and drive revenue. Where my top clients would see a 140% increase in sales in 30 days.

I established an eCommerce advisory firm after building a 7 figure product business, that specializes in navigating Amazon and eCommerce platforms ‘hidden rules’ of engagement, and I did all of this while being a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, and juggling everything life threw my way!

The one question I am asked over and over again is ‘How did I do it while balancing life as a mom?’

I can honestly tell you it was not an easy road! There were many times I was neglecting my family to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams because I felt I needed to ‘do it all’ on my own.

It is fair to say most industries are male-dominated and eCommerce is no different. I am thankful for having the opportunity to have worked hand-in-hand with some of the top male experts in their fields, who have helped me get to where I am today. However, there wasn’t anyone like me that I could get guidance from.

I didn’t ‘see me’, someone I resonated with in any of my mentors and it was hard to be taken seriously. Therefore, I want to provide expert mentorship for the women of eCommerce so we can make a name for ourselves in this industry and break through those barriers.

This is not the first female-focused mastermind I have created. As a Canadian ex-pat living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico for almost 14 years, there was no community leader, no female support, and no one to help with rearing children. So I became not only the local naturopath at that time and one of two childbirth educators, but I built a 1500 member group (still running it to this day) of local ex-pat and national mothers to provide them the guidance and support they needed during the crucial years of birthing and raising children. I gave the women a safe space to ask questions, share problems, be vulnerable, make friends and I helped many start local businesses, provide connections they needed, and created opportunities for them to make money for their family with local events. The women of my mastermind have made lifelong friends they would have never had the opportunity to do so if they hadn’t joined my mastermind.

Featured In

Celebrity Guests

“I have put together the best of the best to help you along your entrepreneurial journey!

Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley

Forbes is an author, award winning television personality, entrepreneur, creator of the SpinGym fitness sensation and one of the most sought after female keynote speakers. Who hosted more than 100 infomercials in her 20 years of marketing products on the home shopping channels worldwide. She has sold over $2 Billion in product sales.

Meet the Experts

Katharine McMahon

Marketing & Buyer Behavior

Tatiana Tank

Business Foundations

Elenia Anastos

Money Mindset

Cari Rosno

Manifestation Coach

Babe Monney

Pinterest Ads

Michelle Bridger

Facebook Ads

Beth Nydick

Media Placement

Ellen Coule

Launch Queen

Kaeleya Baerwyn R. Risley

Women Empowerment

Vaishali Nikhade

Business Psychic

Neal S. Phalora

LifeHealer to HighAchievers

Clinton Senkow

Partnerships/ Joint Venture

Cameron Yoder

Viral Launch

Steve Kang

Product Photographer

Yael Cabilly

Intellectual Property & Ecommerce Lawyer

Shane Oglow

Media Placement

Sal Vassal

How to Prepare your Business to Sell and Who to Use

Rob Anspach

Content Writing & Publishing

Raymond Sjolseth


Qaza Nazeer

Payment Processing

Lisa Genovese

Business Impact Assessment

Dawn Johnson Prickett

Handmade Product Business

Emma Schermer Tamir

Copywriting & Branding

Pip Harland

eCommerce Back-End Operations, Team & Finance

Lucia Cintra

Photography - Visual Storyteller



“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. - Maya Angelou - Author & Civil Rights Activist"

Kelly Post
Lisa Ansted

Frequently Asked Question

Women Empowerment and So Much More!

Did I mention it will be real-life in here? No fluff, no gimmicks. Just real expert advice that WORKS!

Working on our own mental blocks is how we can execute the next step for our business, which will allow you to be more successful for your family. Expect to grow personally and professionally but only if you participate and want to succeed.


“Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” - Meg Whitman - Former President & CEO, HP

Ashley Armstrong